We've improved how we display battery info, and how to find vehicles across bays

We've listened to feedback from our riders and have made some big changes to help you find the right vehicle for your journey.

It's now easy to find one that will get you where you need to go, swap vehicles if your battery does run low, and find a bay with space to park in.

Enjoy a more seamless riding experience, with no surprises.

Find the right vehicle at a glance

It's now much easier to identify how many vehicles of each type are in a bay.

Only e-bikes are marked with a blue bolt, making them easier to differentiate from e-scooters.

Choose the right one first time

Easily understand each vehicle's battery range, and match the id in the app with the unlock id on the handlebars, so you can choose the right one for your journey.

No nasty surprises!

If you do go a bit further, we’ll let you know when your battery is running low so you can end your journey or find a new vehicle.

Don’t get stranded

See how far you can get with the radius indicator, change vehicle if you need to.

Swap to one with more range

You can now find another vehicle before you end your journey, and see how much battery they have, so you can plan accordingly. You can also see how much parking space is available, so you can head to the best bay to drop off your vehicle.