Creating the future of bike share

Bike share for cities

We design and build all the physical and digital components to provide bike share to local authorities. Our Beryl bike has our patented laser technology, and our bike share app has been designed with input from real users to deliver a seamless experience. We offer local authorities access to a data dashboard, providing insights into cycling in their region. Everything from our London studio.
Read the Bournemouth and Poole case study

Powered by people

We provide pool bike schemes to organisations, enabling their employees to choose a healthier, convenient and more environmentally-friendly mode of transport.
Read the Perseverance Works case study

Keeping riders safe on city streets

Beryl’s Forward Projection Technology combines a bright dynamo-powered white light with a green laser projection. Aiding riders in being seen in blind spots and providing a forewarning to pedestrians. Our technology is flexible and can be tailored for any bike or specification.
View NYC case study

Lighting the way for Glasgow

Our Laserlight Wired has been designed to fit all bikes, keeping every rider safe.
View Glasgow case study

Santander Bikes

‘The new cycles have been designed to meet the evolving needs of London as an always on, technologically connected smart city. We hope the new cycles will continue to support London and its visitors, helping people and communities prosper.’

Keith Moor
Chief Marketing Officer at Santander

View London case study

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