Get your company cycling

Working with us

Beryl works with businesses to encourage cycling in their local area and get more employees and customers on bikes.

Why Beryl for business?

  • Safe, fun cycling

    Our bikes are designed for a wide range of riders and maintained by us.

  • A tailored service

    Working closely with business to incorporate bike share into your company offer.

  • Big and small

    We help companies of all sizes harness the benefits of bike share.

  • On the map

    A Beryl Bay at your location can bring your business a new audience and connect it to key places.

Corporate Memberships

Demonstrate your commitment to employee health and wellbeing with our corporate memberships. We work with businesses to make cycling the preferred option to get to and from the office and other places in the city.

University schemes

Bikes are the perfect way to get around, on and off campus. Work with us to deliver bikes and bays in key locations for students and staff and enjoy a greener, cleaner University.

Local business

Put your business on the map with a Beryl Bay at your doorstep. We work with you to help our riders discover your location. Get in touch to find out more about how we can bring Beryl to you.

I really like how Beryl Bikes get unlocked, much more intuitive than those QR codes.

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Get in touch with us to find out how you can bring a Beryl Bay and bikes to your location.

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