Pedal power for cities

How Beryl Bikes work

  • Find & Unlock

    Using the Beryl mobile app.

  • Ride

    Have fun and be safe.

  • Park

    In a Beryl Bay or a considerate place.

  • Lock

    Close the lock to end your ride.

Meet the bikes

A green bike for green cities. We’ve designed our bike to be safe, fun and easy to use for an enjoyable ride. Discover the features on the bike.

  • Unlock Pad
  • Seat
  • Lights
  • Frame
  • Gears

Meet the bays

The perfect partner to our bikes. Our distinctive green bays make it easy to find a bike and a place to park it at the end of your ride.

Safe city riding

Need some tips for cycling safely? Check out our guide to cycling safely and enjoy your ride every time.

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Riding Beryl Bikes feels good and easy, it’s a smooth ride on a comfy bike.

Ready to ride?