Hereford Free Week

Monday 9th - Sunday 15th September 2019

Together with our partners at Herefordshire Council, we're bringing our riders a week of free trips across the city! Thanks to funding from the Department for Transport, all Beryl rides ending in a Beryl Bay will be free of charge for a full week. So now is your chance to get out and about on two wheels and make the most of Hereford by bike.

How do I access the free rides?

All users in Hereford will automatically be able to access the free rides. If you don't have an account yet, download the Beryl app here and follow the simple steps to sign up. You'll need to add your card details to hire a bike, but you won't be charged for rides ending in a Beryl Bay.

Are all rides free for the week?

All rides up to thirty minutes ending in a Beryl Bay will be free of charge during the Free Week. The usual charges for locking the bike out of bay or outside the Beryl operating zone will apply.

What happens to my minute bundle during the Free Week?

If you already have a minute bundle, the minutes will remain in your account and will be there waiting for you to use once the Free Week is over!

Love to Ride September

Why not take advantage of the Hereford Free Week to take part in the Love to Ride September Challenge? People all around the world will be taking up the challenge and logging their rides as part of Love to Ride and you can participate in Hereford using a Beryl Bike.

There are some great prizes up for grabs, including a 400 minute bundle for Beryl Bikes riding. All you have to do is share a photo of your ride on social, and tag both @berylbikes and @lovetoride_