Ride for free in London this winter

Get a free Day Pass for Beryl Bikes in London

It’s not always easy to hop on a bike when it’s cold and dark outside. But cycling has lots of benefits all year round: it gets you outside for a breath of fresh air, it’s the quickest way around many towns and cities and it’s emission-free. So to make it easier to cycle in London this winter, we’re offering a full day of riding completely FREE. Read on to find out how to claim your free 24 hour Day Pass.

Where can I ride for free with the FREEDAYLDN promotion?

The Free Day Pass promotion is available for hiring Beryl Bikes in London. We currently have bikes across the City of London and will soon have bikes available in Hackney too. To find your nearest Beryl Bike, download the Beryl app.

Please note: if you use the promo code and then hire a bike in another operating zone, the Day Pass will not be active and you'll be charged as usual for your rides.

How do I access the free rides?

To access your free 24 hour Day Pass, use code FREEDAYLDN in the promotions tab of the Beryl app. 

Go to ‘Promotions’ on the left-hand menu. 

  1. Choose ‘Have a promo code?’
  2. Add the code ‘FREEDAYLDN’ in the Promo code box then choose ‘Add Promo code’
  3. Confirm your card details and purchase the pass.
Use the code 'FREEDAYLDN' in the box.

When does the 24 hours start?

Your free day of riding starts as soon as you purchase the pass, so please don’t use it until you’re ready to ride! 

We suggest signing in to the app and saving your payment card details in advance for a smooth experience. Then when you’re ready to unlock a bike, simply enter the promo code and complete a few short steps to get going. 

When is the promotion active?

The “24 hours free rides” promotion is valid in Beryl’s London schemes from 19th November 2019 until 31st March 2020. 

Are all rides free?

Once you have entered the promo code ‘FREEDAYLDN’ in the Promotions tab of the app and finished the checkout flow, your 24 hours of free rides starts immediately. 

From this point on, you will pay no unlock, out of bay or out of zone fees for the duration of the 24 hour period. 

You can lock and unlock a Beryl Bike as many times as you like during this 24 hour period. This includes if you ride the bike out of the zone, lock it and then want to unlock it again. 

At the end of the 24 hour period, you should return the bike to a marked Beryl Bay and lock it there. 

Head out to explore London by bike

Are there any other charges I should be aware of? 

During the time that your 24 hour Day Pass is active, you won’t be charged anything additional. However, you may be charged in certain circumstances after the 24 hour period has expired. 

If your bike is outside the Beryl Zone at the end of the 24 hours, you’ll be charged the usual £5 out of zone fee. 

If the bike is still not returned to the Beryl Zone within the following 24 hours, you’ll be charged an £80 fine to cover the cost of recovering the bike and bringing it back to the zone. 

What happens to my minute bundle when I have free rides?

If you have a minute bundle, the minutes will remain on your account and will be ready for you to use once your Day Pass has expired.

How many times can I use the FREEDAYLDN promo code?

The code can only be used once per user.