Ride for Watford

Helping local charities on the frontline of the pandemic

2020 has been tough for a lot of people. Luckily, there are fantastic charities in Watford who have worked tirelessly to provide help and support to local communities hit hardest by the pandemic and lockdown. Now, those charities need our help.

Doing more with less

The pandemic has hugely increased workload for many charities in Watford, especially those such as food banks, homeless shelters and women's charities. At the same time, many big fundraising events like the London Marathon have been cancelled or postponed. Despite having much more work to do with much less resource, Watford charities and the staff and volunteers behind them have risen to the challenge - working tirelessly and selflessly to support the local community through this very difficult time. Now, we want to help support them in return!

There are 3 ways to help Watford charities and show your support for the community...

Get on a bike to support Watford charities

1. Ride for Watford

Thanks to generous local company PLM Central, for every Beryl Bike ride in Watford from Saturday 1st August to Saturday 15th August, 50p will be donated directly to the Watford Helps COVID appeal.

PLM Central, the Watford company supporting the campaign, is a technology-orientated company looking to empower businesses in the local community during these testing and challenging times to be more innovative and productive through the use of their cutting edge software.

Director of PLM Central, Niketh Shetty told us "In difficult times like this it is essential that we show our community spirit by supporting each other. We are confident that we will overcome these extraordinary circumstances and come out of this crisis more resilient and healthy in more ways than one.

Every employee at PLM Central has been incentivised to use these modern bikes to come into work, both for their health benefits and to combat the spread of Covid 19 to adhere to our company policies."

PLM Central will be donating 50p per ride to the appeal for every Beryl ride, up to a maximum of £2000. It'll be a challenge to hit the maximum target, but we know our riders in Watford will ride to it and come out to support the appeal!

Use one of the new e-bikes to explore Cassiobury Park

2. Buy a Minute Bundle

Using a Minute Bundle is the best value, most flexible way to use Beryl Bikes. Minute Bundles start at just £5 for 100 minutes - that's 5p per minute - and you don't pay any unlock fee for pedal bikes (there is an unlock fee for e-bikes of £1). You can use your minutes interchangeably with pedal bikes and e-bikes, and as long as you're active in the app, the minutes won't expire.

Now there's another reason to switch to Minute Bundles. During the #RideforWatford campaign, Beryl will donate 20% of the value of all Minute Bundles purchased to the Watford Helps COVID appeal. So top up today and you'll be helping local charities!

3. Text to Donate

Did you know Ben Foster, Watford FC goalkeeper, is a keen cyclist? He's thrown his support behind the campaign and is encouraging as many people as possible to ride a Beryl Bike, or make a text donation to the campaign.

Contribute now with a simple text to donate to the campaign.

Text the word WATFORD to the following numbers to donate directly to the campaign:

70210 to donate £1

70331 to donate £3

70970 to donate £5

70191 to donate £10

Let's do this Watford!