A new way to authenticate payments

Everything you need to know about Strong Customer Authentication in the Beryl app

Due to a change in law, banks across Europe are adding additional security steps to payments made online and in mobile apps. Here’s how it will affect your experience when using Beryl Bikeshare.

What & Why:

The new system is called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). It’s being brought in to reduce cases of fraud, and help ensure payments from your accounts are always made by you. 

The only action you’ll need to take is making sure you’re fully updated to the latest version of the  Beryl app. The good news is this will also give you the best possible version to use! 

You may also want to ensure your bank or building society has your current phone number.


When making in-app payments you may be asked to authenticate your purchase. The way you do this depends on your bank but common examples are entering a one-use passcode which is sent by SMS, or confirming the transaction in your mobile banking app.. 

You won’t need to do this every time you take a ride. You will likely be asked to go through this extra step the first time you add your preferred payment method to your Beryl account, or when you purchase minute bundles or a day pass. 


The new SCA system will be implemented from 14th September 2019, and will be rolled out slowly over the following months. Please note your bank may be in touch with you to provide further details of how they’ll manage the change.

For more details of how the introduction of SCA will affect your payment experience, please reach out to your card provider. If you need any support making payments in the Beryl app please contact us at support@beryl.cc