Pixel Run Set

    The Pixel set brings you a double pack of the Beryl two-in-one light that can be either red or white. It offers complete flexibility; clip both to your watch, bag, headband, clothes or jacket to keep you lit up and visible from all angles as you run through the city streets.

    Two year warranty
    Everything included to start enjoying your Pixel
    2-in-1 light
    Attach anywhere
    10h battery

    Cover all angles.

    The Pixel can shine red or white, so clip one to your front and the other on your backpack to be visible from every angle. Press the light once, it's white. Press it again, it's red, and pick from steady or heartbeat pulse modes to fit your run.

    Attach anywhere

    The velcro strap and multi-mount clip that comes with your Pixel lets you attach it securely to your bag, headband, watch or clothes to keep you visible as you run through the city streets.

    Go anywhere

    Waterproof, USB-charged, lightweight and discreet enough to attach to anywhere, Pixel is the most versatile light for active urban people