Pixel Set

    The Pixel Set has two dual-colour lights that can be used on your bike as front and rear lights, or attach on your helmet, backpack or body.

    Two year warranty
    Everything you need to start using your Pixel immediately
    2-in-1 light
    Attach anywhere

    Cycling Weekly gives Pixel 9/10

    "The Pixel from Beryl is great for city use. For me, this is the perfect light to get me home from the station or post-race when my commute is well lit and I don't want to carry massive lights." - Symon Lewis for Cycling Weekly

    Product Details

    • Two Colours Front and Rear Light
    • Attach anywhere Multifunctional clip
    • Battery life Up to 10 hours on a single charge
    • Waterproof IP54 waterproof


    • USB Charge 50% in 1h, 100% in 4h
    • POWER SAVE MODE 2h of light at 85% depletion
    • MODES Steady and Heartbeat Flashing (White and Red)
    • CASING Sealed polymer construction
    • LIGHTWEIGHT Only 18 grams
    • Power Check Your power level, one click away
    • In the Box x2 Pixels · x2 Multi-Mounts · x2 Silicone Straps · x2 Velcro Multi-Straps · x2 Micro USB Charging Cables
    • Dimensions L: 48 mm · W: 32 mm · H: 15 mm

    Battery Performance

    Run Time
    White Bright Steady 5 hours
    White Heartbeat 10 hours
    Red Bright Steady 5 hours
    Red Heartbeat 10 hours

    One light. Two colours

    Each Pixel can shine red or white, to go front or back.

    Go anywhere

    The Multi-Mount attaches Pixel securely to bike posts, bags or helmets.


    • Is the Pixel red or white?

      The Pixel can be either red or white. Press the light once, it's white. Press it again, it's red.
    • What modes does Pixel have?

      Pixel has solid modes for both the red and white light modes, as well as a heartbeat mode for both colours.
    • How do I attach it to my helmet?

      Using the Pixel mount and the velcro strap which is provided, you can attach it to your helmet. Always ensure that the buckle is outside the helmet. Consult our Quickstart Guide if you need any guidance on attaching your Pixel to a helmet.