Rear Burner

Stand out with the Burner's innovative technology, combining an automatic light sensor, 60 hours runtime and 180º daytime visibility. Simplicity at its brightest.

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Daytime Visibility
Smart Light Sensor
60h runtime

Bright even on the brightest day

100 lumens make the Rear Burner clearly visible – sunny day or darkest night.

Steady as you go, and go

One charge with the magnetic USB gives 60 hours of light – around a month’s cycling.

Automatic visibility

Rear Burner uses its smart light sensor to switch itself on in the dark, off in the light.

Product Details

  • BRIGHTNESS 100 lumens
  • Visibility 180º spread
  • Battery life Up to 60 hours on a single charge
  • POWER SAVE MODE 5h of light at 85% depletion


  • WATERPROOF Fully waterproof, not just water resistant
  • MODES Bright/Normal Steady, Sweep, Beating, Chase, Sides
  • USB CHARGE 50% in 1h, 100% in 4h
  • CASING Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • MOUNT Fast and secure attachment with angle adjustment
  • Power Check Your power level, one click away
  • IN THE BOX Burner · USB charging cable · Seat post mount · 3mm hex key · 2 inserts
  • DIMENSIONS L: 88.26 mm · W: 26.76 mm · H: 36.28 mm Weight: 100 grams

Battery Performance

Run Time
Bright steady5 hours
Normal steady60 hours
Sweep10 hours
Beating18 hours
Chase18 hours
Sides10 hours

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