West Midlands Beryl e-scooters

Beryl deliver West Midlands e-scooter scheme upgrades

West Midlands e-scooter operator, Beryl, has made the scheme even more cost-effective and accessible for riders.


Riders can now save money by paying for their journeys in advance by using Beryl’s Minute Bundle offer, available through the app. The offer waives the e-scooter unlock fee and allows riders to purchase 100 minutes at the discounted rate of £16, which can be used anytime within six months from date of purchase. It represents a £5 saving on the equivalent Pay As You Ride price, with further savings each time you unlock. 

The new option, only available on the West Midlands e-scooters, is designed to maximise flexibility for customers and help make sustainable transport even more affordable. It will run alongside existing payment options, including Pay As You Ride as well as the Flexi, Commuter and Day Passes.* 

Beryl has also significantly increased the capacity of all the scheme bays to simplify parking and ensure the e-scooters remain as convenient as possible for riders to use. This is part of ongoing work that will see further bay capacity increases as well as more bays added across the scheme. 

Beryl CEO, Phil Ellis, said: “Our schemes are all about breaking down the barriers to active travel and encouraging as many people as possible out of their cars and onto two wheels.

“We listen to our users and know, from speaking directly to them, just how much they value the cost-effectiveness and convenience of e-scooters.

“By acting on this feedback and delivering the improvements that our riders want, we can help contribute towards reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions and improving air quality.”

The Beryl Annual Rider Report for 2023 showed us that, of all the riders asked, 99% said convenience and 94% said cost was either somewhat important or very important to them when using e-scooters. 

Beryl currently operates Department for Transport approved e-scooter schemes in Bournemouth and Poole, Norwich, the Isle of Wight and West Midlands. Since the first scheme was launched in Norwich in September 2020, users have clocked up more than 1,866,000 journeys across the four schemes - saving approximately 218 tonnes of carbon emissions according to industry calculations. 

During the trial periods, e-scooter riders are required to provide a valid UK Driving Licence to participate. They are also asked to provide feedback on their experiences using the vehicles to support data learnings on operating the service. 

Beryl e-scooters can be used on roads, cycle lanes, carriageways and other areas where cycling is permitted but not on pavements. Every Beryl e-scooter is DfT approved, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards. Beryl has and will continue to consult with key organisations as the trial progresses. 

To begin a trip with a Beryl e-scooter, users just need to follow the simple in-app directions to unlock the vehicle for use. At the end of their ride, users must lock the scooter via the app and will hear a chime from the scooter to register that it is locked. Beryl e-scooters available to hire are visible both on-street and in the app, with Beryl Bays and operating zones also shown in the app.  
*The Minute Bundle offer is currently not applicable to the Beryl Student discount