Woman fastening bike helmet to ride a Beryl Bike

Safety first.

Staying safe on a Beryl bike

We want you to enjoy riding your Beryl bike. All our bikes have bells, brakes and lights, but there are some other things you can do to make sure your ride is safe and smooth. 

When cycling on the road, it's important to let other road users know where you're going and when you’re going to change lanes, turn off or slow down. Familiarise yourself with the rules of the road and learn your hand signals. It will make your experience – and those you’re sharing the road with – much safer and more enjoyable.

It’s not compulsory in the UK to wear a helmet on a bike, but if you choose to (and we recommend it), it should be snug fitting and secured tightly to your head. Pop down to your local bike shop for advice if you’re unsure. 

Read our safety blog to discover more tips on the most important ways to keep yourself safe. 

Staying safe and legal on a Beryl e-scooter

Our e-scooters are an easy and safe option for short journeys. 

In accordance with UK law, electric scooters are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles and are treated as motor vehicles. This means that there are some rules you must follow when renting one of our e-scooters – such as staying on the road or cycle lanes. Failing to comply with these laws can result in an on-the-spot fine or prosecution and being blocked from your Beryl account.

To ride a Beryl e-scooter you must:

  • have a UK-valid driving licence or provisional licence
  • be aged 16 or older, or aged 18 or older in the West Midlands
  • register on the Beryl app

Read our e-scooter blog to understand the rules before you hire a Beryl e-scooter.

We also offer online training and face-to-face sessions on e-scooter skills, improving confidence and awareness of other road users. 

Find out more about our courses and sign up online.

All about Beryl e-bikes

Our Beryl e-bikes are a great option if you want a little extra help when you pedal, making it easier and quicker to get around by bike. 

With a top speed of 15mph riding an e-bike is different to a regular bike. You need to be  prepared to make allowances when it comes to balancing, steering, changing gears and braking.

The motor will assist you in getting you going. The motor might make the bike feel a little heavier, but it’s still light and easy to ride. And that helping hand means you can soar up hills without working up too much of a sweat.

Read our e-bike blog to discover more information riding e-bikes safely. 

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