Beryl riders and bikes in front of Norwich Cathedral

Working with universities.

Campus travel in a class of it's own.

Our bike and e-scooter hire schemes are perfectly suited to university environments and campuses. Students and staff can use them to commute to classes, nip to the gym or socialise easily and cheaply. And it’s not just the products themselves that make Beryl so perfect for educational settings – our ethical credentials and service delivery earn us top marks too. 

Discounted bundles

We provide tailored packages of discounted ‘rider minutes’ to give students even better value for money.

Your brand, enhanced

As a fun, fresh and forward-thinking brand, we add value to yours. This is good news for your staff and student recruitment as well as your PR. 

Freedom built in

Students love the everyday freedom that comes from easy access to a simple, sustainable and affordable local transport solution. 

Inclusivity matters

Our UK-designed bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and cargo bikes are as good as they get. Special features make them easier, safer and much more fun to use than comparable products, and for a wider range of riders too. 

B Corp ethics

We’re the world’s first B Corp certified bike and scooter hire scheme, with rigorous ethical credentials perfectly aligned to the culture of your institution and its people.