woman wearing helmet riding Beryl scooter

Safe, responsible scooting

We've always cared about good technology and design, since the early days of Beryl (when we were a bike light company). Our Beryl bikes and e-bikes have won many fans for being a quick and nimble ride, suitable for all types of riders. 

We want our e-scooter to be the same - a comfortable, easy and safe option for those short journeys, instead of jumping in a car. You can also be confident knowing that when hiring a Beryl e-scooter you will be covered by our vehicle insurance. 

About the Beryl e-scooter 

The Beryl smart unit is always online, always connected, ensuring scooters are ready to be ridden by our users and available to share scooter information. E.g where scooters go, how long they are used, and if they are parked out of bay or even leave the operating area.

Beryl e-Scooters are available to hire on the Isle of Wight, Bournemouth, Poole and in Norwich
Remember to wear a helmet when riding a Beryl e-Scooter

Safe scooting 

Now you know a bit more about our scooters and how they work, here are a few things to help you get started to ensure you get the best experience. To begin a trip with a Beryl e-scooter, follow the simple in-app directions, register your payment details and a UK-valid provisional or full driving licence. Once you’ve followed the directions on how to scoot safely, you will be able to unlock the vehicle for use. To get started, put one foot on the footboard, keep your hands on the handlebars and push off with your foot to get going before pressing 'Go' gently. At the end of your ride, you must park in a designated area and lock the scooter via the app. You will hear a chime from the scooter to register that it is locked and your journey will end. Beryl e-scooters which are available to hire are visible both on the street and in the app.  

To ride a Beryl e-scooter you must: 

  • Have a UK-valid driving licence or provisional licence
    Be aged 16 or older, or 18 or older in the West Midlands

  • Have registered for an account via the Beryl app 

  • Only ride in cycle lanes or on the road

Remember to remove headphones or earpods. Wear a helmet and clothing that you can be seen in.

illustration of driving licence
illustration of scooter incorrectly ridden on pavement

You must not 

  • Register with another person’s driving licence 

  • Ride on the pavements or anywhere indoors 

  • Ride using someone else’s Beryl account

  • Ride with a passenger 

  • Ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Guidance for riders is also available from the Department for Transport. Anyone who does not comply with these rules is committing a criminal offence.

Tips for using e-scooters 

  • Avoid any roads with a speed limit over 30mph
  • Check over your shoulder regularly, and before moving lane
  • Give yourself time to practise in a low-traffic area, especially if it’s your first ride
  • Stay in your lane and avoid weaving through traffic
illustration of Beryl scooter rider wearing helmet

Reporting misuse 

Beryl takes misuse of the scooters very seriously. We work closely with local police and keep a record of all incidents of misuse. The public can inform Beryl of misuse by phone or email Monday - Sunday 7 am-9 pm, by emailing support@beryl.cc or calling 020 3003 5044. Using the specific time and location, we can use our GPS technology to identify which scooter was being used at the time. Riders can expect a warning in the first instance, and to be blocked on a second occurrence. Misuse is highly disruptive and potentially dangerous to other road users and can include riding on the pavement or on pedestrianised paths; riding with a passenger; using a scooter hired by someone else or riding in a way that is not in keeping with UK Road law. In serious cases, we may block a user in the first instance and inform local authorities. If it is an emergency situation, we encourage the public to contact 999 first. 


Where can I find a Beryl e-scooter? 

We'll also be working closely with partners in the local community to educate users on how to safely and responsibly use scooters. Our operations team is on hand to make sure scooters have batteries charged and ready to go, and to respond to reports from the community when scooters need to be moved or redistributed to another location.


Scoot Happy Training

Boost your confidence and become a master of the scooter with our free Scoot Happy training courses. You'll even earn some free minutes to use on your next scooter ride!