Beryl riders with bikes and scooters

How we work with towns and cities.

Your towns and cities, better with Beryl.

Forward-thinking towns and cities around the UK are already reaping the rewards of partnering with Beryl. We work with local authorities to design schemes to help reduce air and noise pollution, but the benefits go much further. Our schemes make destinations easier, safer and much more fun to get around. And that brings financial and fitness benefits too.

Protecting people and planet

Micromobility schemes use shared lightweight vehicles like our bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and cargo bikes. They're usually used for shorter journeys, with typical top speeds of around 25kph, helping to reduce harmful pollution and taking traffic off the roads. 

Attracting individuals and business

Environments with fewer cars are quieter, cleaner and more relaxing to be in. This  makes them better places for residents, workers and visitors. In terms of attracting extra tourism and inward investment, it’s definitely pedalling in the right direction.

Boosting local economies

When urban areas provide a nicer overall experience, visits increase and people explore further, stay longer and spend more. Local businesses – and the communities that depend on them – prosper.

Brilliant bike stands

Beryl bays keep all our vehicles handily parked up in your town or city. We also have bike stands with planters at each end to add some greenery to your streets. And our Beryl Parklets are larger bays that include stands for locking bikes, planters to add greenery and seating for everyone to enjoy when they need. These added extras help to enhance the environment and create a generally nicer place to live, work, shop and visit.

Helping public health

Bike and scooter hire schemes attract a wide range of users and are available to everyone, regardless of age, gender and background. Riders get fitter and their mental health gets a real boost too – a big win for your commitment to public health. 

Community engagement 

Helping communities and vulnerable or ‘hard-to-reach’ groups is central to our mission. We work exceptionally closely with local populations, designing schemes that fit their specific needs. Our Beryl bays blend into their surroundings and we often enhance them with planters, seating and information boards.