Man cycling at night with a Beryl light

Our story: from lights to bikes.

Our story.

Our story started in 2012. It began with co-founder, Emily Brooke, a passionate cyclist and designer who imagined and created our very first product, the life-saving Laserlight.  
Emily’s research proved that cyclists using a Laserlight were 32% more visible to drivers. The evidence saw this revolutionary light appear in bike hire fleets in London, New York and Montreal. 

Beryl’s belief – that a business can be a force of good – is the foundation of our business. Using their understanding of bike share schemes, Emily and co-founder Phil Ellis decided to start their own. 
Our values reflect those of a business started by passionate cyclists. With a desire to create high-performing products that invite people to change the way they think about, and travel around our towns and cities. We’ve never been your average cycling company.

"Bikes have much to offer as part of a green, sustainable transport system. But safety is a barrier to more people cycling in towns and cities. We started by tackling safety and visibility first, with our Laserlight. Now we are removing another barrier by providing our own bikes and scooters."

Emily Brooke, Founder
Two wheels. Thousands of journeys.

Today, more than 300,000 people use our bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and cargo bikes to get to work or university, explore a new place, or nip to the shops. Download the app today and start riding with Beryl.

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