Beryl charity parnership

How we work with charities.

Doing our bit to help your charity.

Improving neighbourhoods and connecting people is what we’re all about, so working with local charities is second nature to us. We already support lots of third-sector partners, donating free or discounted rides to cash-strapped community groups or charities working with marginalised residents through our Community Champions Initiative. 

"The bikes enable us to respond to StreetLink reports and phone calls so much quicker than before and we have utilised them to go straight to a rough sleeper, meet with them and then bring them back to an outreach bed."

Steve Devine - New Hope Outreach Plus Manager

We’re passionate about using our resources to do good things, from helping youth groups, food banks and mental health charities to supporting a Muslim women’s cycle club. On top of that, we’re the world’s only certified B Corp bike hire scheme – we’re an environmentally and socially conscious business with compassion right at our heart.
Partnering with us can help your group’s users and staff in different ways:

  • Improve people’s access to work and leisure opportunities.
  • Promote fresh air, healthy living and everyday exercise.
  • Make travel quicker, cheaper or even completely free. 
  • Help people who don’t have access to transport.
  • Boost people’s mental health and well-being. 
  • Thank your volunteers for their help.
  • Expand the horizons of curious minds.
  • Connect people to combat loneliness.