Beryl BTN Bikes users in Brighton city centre

Positive impact

Making sustainable travel easy and fun

Sustainable travel starts with sustainable business

We started life as a consumer cycling brand, creating innovative products to enable people to move safely in urban environments. Fast forward to now and our purpose is still the same - to make moving through the cities and towns we live in easy, safe and sustainable.

We want to make our cities cleaner, healthier and better places for us all to live in and we think providing sustainable travel options is a great way to do that.

It's also why we’re a certified B Corp business – the first in our sector.

Our 2023 Impact Report is a great place to take a deep dive into the work we do every single day to ensure we have a positive impact on the planet and our people.

Find your flow

Traffic jams, beeping horns, irate drivers sitting stationary. Who needs it? Take the scenic route, fly past the traffic and arrive at your destination with a smile on your face. You’ll get there on time, too.

Save money

From Pay As You Ride to Minute Bundles, we have different options to help you save money. Whichever you choose we can guarantee it's cheaper than using the car!

Reduce pollution

Air pollution kills 7 million people every year. Our vehicles are powered by humans or electricity. The only thing you’ll burn is calories.

"We love cities and there's no better way to get around them than on a bike or scooter. Our mission is simple, to make sustainable travel the easy and fun option in our cities."

Phil Ellis, CEO

Making an impact

Although they might never realise it, even people who don’t use our bikes and scooters are benefitting from the cleaner air, safer streets and lower noise levels they bring to their local communities. The numbers say it all – our bikes and e-scooters are being used day in, day out, all over the country. And by choosing one, you’re making a significant contribution to a more sustainable world.  

See our Carbon Reduction Plan here