Beryl parklet with bikes in a local high street

How we work with businesses.

Boost your business with Beryl.

From a happier and healthier workforce to helping you attract new customers, Beryl is good for your business as well as the planet. 
We’re already working with many forward-thinking companies large and small, so we’re primed and ready to go with a Beryl scheme at your premises. We provide the bikes and we provide ongoing support behind the scenes, like designing and managing your system to integrate it perfectly into your area’s existing Beryl network. We can even help with journey metrics and external PR, so you can tell the world how you’re taking corporate social responsibility seriously with sustainable commutes.  

Avara Foods wanted to promote sustainable travel between their two sites and increase the number of those cycling to work. We were able to provide access for staff members to use our bikes to commute and take journeys in a fun, healthy and sustainable way as part of our corporate membership package. Download the case study to discover the impact.


Why host a bike hire scheme?

CSR gold

When it comes to CSR, you should put your money where your mouth is. Providing a workplace bike hire scheme definitely wins you a star in terms of your green credentials, employee well-being and community engagement. 

Happier workers, higher productivity

Helping people have fun and get fit on their journey to work will always be a good thing, because it makes them happier to be there and healthier too. The benefits to your productivity and staff satisfaction will be obvious. And your bottom line will reflect it.

Better places

Our small, lightweight vehicles are used for short journeys, with typical top speeds of around 25kph. Bike hire schemes help to reduce congestion, pollution and parking issues at your premises, making them all round nice places to work, visit, relax or shop.

Customer catcher

When you host a bike hire scheme outside your business, you’re not just making it easier to reach, you’re bringing new people into physical contact with it. And by including you on our web and app-based journey planners, we will – quite literally – be putting you on the map.