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New Year, Same You

This January, don't change the way you are, just change the way you travel.

Christmas has been thrown out with the leftovers, now we’re bombarded with gym offers and health pledges to sign up to.  

Join the work smarter, not harder gang and hack the new year resolution system with our cunning 3 for 1 resolution. By riding bikes, e-bikes or e-scooters a little more, you can also:

- Improve wellbeing
- Save money 
- Reduce carbon footprint

There has been no better time to start, throughout January all new riders get 15 minutes free, and 10 minutes free for West Midlands. Download the app to get started and keep on reading to find out more...

App, tap and roll

Start riding with our free app for iOS and Android

What is the impact of riding with Beryl?


It’s good news! Here at Beryl, we believe in small action leading to big impact and by replacing car journeys with bikes and e-scooters, even for a couple times a month, you can make some pretty special things happen. 

So, if you’re already riding with Beryl, give yourself props and look forward to a year of continuing with good habits that help save the planet, saves money and boosts physical and mental fitness.

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What carbon emissions can I save?


Find out what carbon emission savings you can make with our easy to use carbon calculator. It’s a great tool for instant feel-goods and provides some excellent humble brags for your next team chat or friends get-together. 

As an example, a small change such as replacing a weekly 3 km petrol car trip with a Beryl pedal bike, over a whole year could save 22 kgs of CO2.


How much CO2 exactly is that?


That is the equivalent of CO2 produced from 598 hours of streaming your favourite TV show. That would be the same as watching the entire 10 seasons of Friends, 7 times. That's a whole lot of Ross and Rachel...

It also equals the amount it would take to charge every athlete’s phone that took part in last year’s Winter Olympics, totalling over 2500 phones. 

And the same amount of CO2 produced from enough pints of beer to buy a drink for every Prime Minister we’ve had since 1894. We’ll drink to that!

Are you now feeling curious what your carbon emissions savings could do? Go explore our carbon calculator, and don’t forget to share your findings and tag us in! 

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How do I get started?


If you’ve yet to take your first journey, don’t worry, we are here to give you a helping hand into getting things kick-started. Find more information on taking your first ride with Beryl here: Getting started with Beryl.

We love newbies and throughout January we are rewarding 15 minutes free* for all new riders to help you get on the right track (or should we say cycling path) for this year.

*West Midlands riders get 10 minutes free and the offer excludes London and Manchester. Read the full terms and conditions for West Midlands here and all other schemes here

Simply download the Beryl app and the offer is automatically applied.

15 minutes free* for all new riders throughout January.

Terms and conditions apply.