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How to use a Beryl e-scooter

Beryl e-scooters are currently available in Norwich, Bournemouth, Poole and the Isle of Wight. If you’d like to find a Beryl e-scooter and learn how to use one, you’re in the right place!


Download the Beryl app 

Go ahead and download the app using this link: https://beryl.app/C5RYxspmUyb

Or search for ‘Beryl’ on the App Store, or Play Store. It’ll Look like this: 

beryl app logo

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to upload a valid driving license. Instructions on how to do this will pop up once you open the app. 

How to find a Beryl e-scooter 

On the app, you’ll have a map view of the area you are in. Have a search around, and use the location button on the top right of your screen to re-centre. 

Beryl e-scooters are indicated on the map by an e-scooter icon. It'll look something like this: 

map on a phone with scooter and bike icons

The number next to the icon denotes how many Beryl e-scooters are available.

To see the Range (battery life) of e-scooters available, click on an e-scooter on the map. You’ll see  ‘X mins/ X miles’, with estimated minutes remaining and how many miles you could travel before the battery life runs out. Range is affected by speed, weight and incline.

You can keep an eye on the battery levels once you’ve unlocked your e-scooter. 

How to unlock a Beryl e-scooter 

Once you’ve found an e-scooter that you’d like to unlock, click ‘Unlock’ on the app and hover your phone above the unlock pad between the handlebars. Listen out for a chime to show that the e-scooter is ready to use.

illustration of placing phone between handle bars over the unlock pad

How to start a Beryl e-scooter 

If your e-scooter is still being supported by the stand, firmly push the e-scooter forward, so that the stand shoots upwards away from the floor (anticlockwise). After this, place your dominant foot on the e-scooter and scoot forwards whilst gently pressing down the ‘Go’ lever (located on the right handlebar).  

Once you’ve reached a comfortable pace, pop both feet on the footpad and keep pressing down on the ‘Go’ lever.

A quick video demonstration here!


How to ride safely on a Beryl e-scooter 

Be sure to wear a helmet and notice the indicators and bell on the left of the handlebars, to let other riders and drivers know where you are. Choose an open space away from traffic and pedestrians to try it out for the first time.

To slow down or stop, use the two brake levers that are positioned at the front of the handlebars. 

illustration of brakes on beryl e-scooter

How to end your ride on a Beryl e-scooter 

To end your ride, find the nearest Beryl Bay on the map in the app and park neatly in a bay to avoid the out of bay fee. Tap 'End my ride' in the app and listen for the e-scooter chime. Check in the app to make sure the journey in the app has ended and to see the details of your ride.


Where can I go on a Beryl e-scooter?

You can ride a Beryl e-scooter anywhere that bikes are allowed. We recommend riding the e-scooter in designated bike lanes, but you can also ride on the road. 

Please note, it is illegal to ride e-scooters on the pavement in the UK. 

Happy e-scooting! 🛴



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