High five for winter riding

Warm Up to Winter

Oh hello winter, we've been expecting you.

As we enter the last part of the year together, Beryl is inviting you to join the all-season riding club. Get stuck into this winter riding guide complete with a fun safety quiz.

The weather may be changing but the fun doesn’t have to stop. Keep reading to get inspired...


Tip #1 Adapt for winter

Getting outdoors and moving is fun, even in winter. Remember these simple steps to feel safe and confident riding in different conditions:


  • Check forecasts
    Eyes to the skies can help you know what weather to expect.
  • Allow extra time
    Ensure your routine includes an enjoyable rush-free commute. 
  • Plan your route
    Stick to well-lit roads when it's dark and gritted main roads when icy.
  • Position yourself
    Avoid riding in the gutter to stay clear of debris, and over drains that can be slippery in bad weather. 

Tip #2 Embrace the elements

Prepare for the weather, dress and pack appropriately so you can be ready for whatever the day throws at you:


  • Layer up to keep warm
    Warm socks and gloves whilst you ride will protect the extremities and wearing multiple layers will help you regulate your temperature.
  • Pack a waterproof jacket and spare socks
    Prepare for the rainy days ahead so you can arrive dry.
  • Wear hi-vis clothing
    Make sure you get seen with hi-vis and reflective items. 

Tip #3 Keep your eyes on the prize

As we approach the season for giving, make sure you are rewarding yourself for being an all-year rider.


  • Get the hot drinks ready
    Let the spiced lattes and hot chocolates flow, you’ve earned them!
  • Prepare treats
    Plan that weekend ride to include your favourite local cafe or shop.
  • Reap the feel goods
    Warm and cosy inside has never felt better after being outdoors.
Winter riders

Sounding good?

Now you're ready to embrace the colder months, Beryl can help you... 


  • Stay seen
    Less need for charging multiple bike lights, our signature Laserlight on our bikes will ensure your visibility on the roads. 
  • Stay clean
    Our bikes have built in mudguards and you can leave winter bike maintenance to our engineers who keep our bikes in tip-top condition.
  • Stay green
    Our research shows that if you ditch the car you decrease your emissions by 55.73%. The clocks going back doesn’t mean so should your sustainability commitments. 

Get Scoot Happy this winter


Scoot Happy events are free sessions that help you gain more confidence on e-scooters and offer free minutes to spend with Beryl as a thank you for attending.

Check out upcoming events here or visit our Scoot Happy website to complete an online session.