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Pedal power: Let’s ride towards positive mental health

Get ready to jump in the saddle for Mental Health Awareness Week running from Monday 13 May to Sunday 19 May as this year’s theme is “Movement”. 

What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Mental Health Awareness Week is the annual event from the Mental Health Foundation set to raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigma, and promote wellbeing.

This year’s theme is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health” and aims to boost our understanding of the benefits and also the barriers to physical exercise we all face.

Unlocking a Beryl bike

“Using Beryl allows me to spend a lot more time outdoors doing the things I love and a lot less time stuck inside a car."

Diego Vanegas, Watford


How can bikes and e-scooters help mental health?

At Beryl, we work hard to increase accessibility to our bikes and e-scooters. From working closely with our riders, we’ve seen how two wheels can positively impact our lives in more ways than one.

For our annual rider report, we surveyed over 3,000 of our riders to learn more about the relationship our riders have with two wheels and discovered the majority of our riders are riding for leisure and social benefits.

Pursuing leisure activities is one of the many ways we can help look after our wellbeing. By getting physical, we’re opening ourselves to more positive emotions, building resilience to stress, and providing a break from our busy routines.

5 ways riding can boost your mood:

  • Creating feel-good moments
    Going on two wheeled adventures can serve as a fun opportunity to spend quality time with our friends and family.
  • Hitting personal goals
    Whether it’s getting that screen time down or becoming more social, jumping on a bike or e-scooter is a great way to work towards your targets. 
  • Getting outdoors
    Feel the breeze on your skin and take in your surroundings properly whether it’s cruising urban landscapes or taking it easy through local parks. 
  • Busting stress
    Bikes and e-scooters can deliver plenty of stress relief, away from traffic jams and offering a welcome break from daily routines and responsibilities. 
  • Enjoying a sense of freedom
    Rocket your confidence and self-esteem by travelling at your own pace, choosing your own routes, and exploring new places.


“These bikes are well equipped and maintained, making them reliable to use. For me any exercise outdoors is great for you in terms of your mental wellbeing, this for me is a must, and these bikes just support in adding to this.’’

Nathan Hughes, Hereford


Ready to get on the road to better mental health?

If you’re curious about riding but unsure how to start your journey, Beryl can help remove some of the biggest barriers to entry.

Our bikes and e-scooters are on the streets ready to go so no need to worry about making a big purchase or tackling storage and maintenance challenges. We even offer e-scooter online safety training for anyone in need of some extra support in brushing up on road rules.  

Begin with small goals and work your way up slowly, research shows that habits change more successfully with little steps rather than drastic changes made overnight. Replacing a single journey with a bike or e-scooter just once a week is a great way to kick-off. 

Riding Beryl with friends

Enjoy the journey

Getting back in the saddle or starting your first ride can feel daunting so involving a friend, family member or partner can help build your confidence. Remember to take time to breathe in that fresh air, and appreciate the journey!

We hope you feel inspired and take the opportunity to boost your wellbeing and take a ride for Mental Health Awareness Week. For further information and tips on getting started, you can read this short guide: Getting Started with Beryl.

Get moving for Mental Health Awareness Week, download or open the Beryl app now to find your nearest bike or e-scooter to hire.