Camelot staff and Beryl bikes

Camelot proud to call Watford home

If you’ve been in Watford recently, you might have seen that our bikes and e-bikes have had a bit of a makeover. Earlier this month, locally-based company Camelot was revealed as the official sponsor for Beryl Bikes in Watford, and we’re looking forward to working with them as we grow.

A key local employer

Camelot’s head office is based in Watford, and they’re keen to support both their staff and  local residents to get around by bike. 

Staff are already benefiting from a new Beryl Bay at the head office on Tolpits Lane. The parklet here will make it easy and convenient for some of Camelot’s more than 700 employees to cycle as part of their commute. They can also take bikes out for a breath of fresh air and some exercise at lunchtime - a great way to stay fit and healthy even as the weather gets colder! 

By sponsoring Beryl Bikes, Camelot is demonstrating their commitment to tackling their employees’ carbon footprint, as well as helping all Watford residents choose the green way to get around.

Local office, national impact

While Camelot’s sponsorship highlights their dedication and pride in being local to Watford, their impact as a business is truly national. 

As the operator of the National Lottery, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t participated in one of their games. 

Thanks to the funds raised through the national lottery, Camelot has a big impact on communities around the UK. Via various different distributors including the National Lottery Heritage fund, Arts Council England, British Film Institute and the National Lottery Community Fund, millions of pounds of funding is shared across thousands of good causes every year.

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