Female riders

Riding Towards Equity for International Women's Day

As we get ready to celebrate International Women's Day, we look at what Beryl is doing to help empower women.

This week we are gearing up to celebrate International Women's Day, the global event acknowledging women's social, cultural, and political achievements. An important day to promote gender equality, creating a more inclusive world for all.

Every year International Women's Day provides us with a way to boost awareness for women's rights and draw new calls to action to keep pushing for change.


How have two wheels tied into women's rights?


The history of cycling and women's rights has always been closely linked. Coinciding with the first wave of feminism, bicycles gave women independence, becoming an important symbol of women's liberation.

Bicycles giving freedom to the Suffragette movement

Cycling can also build confidence and self-esteem, improve wellbeing, and provide spaces for women to connect and support each other, instilling a sense of community and solidarity.

Cycling has also given women a tool to push social and political change and, throughout history, there have been incredible trailblazing female cyclists. Women such as Beryl Burton, a British cyclist who won multiple World Championships, set many world records and pushed the limits of endurance and adventure.

Women like Burton pave the way for future generations of female cyclists and elevate the profile of women in traditionally male-dominated spaces. 


How Beryl is helping to remove barriers for women?


Beryl ran the Beryl Women’s Tour throughout 2023, which offered participants the chance to sign up for a variety of different sessions and events, including skills and confidence sessions and group bike ride sessions.

Women's Tour
E-scooter training sessions for our Women's Tour series

With your support, Beryl has been able to support female-led projects, such as the one led by inspirational campaigner Kate Strong, who last year cycled over 3000 miles around mainland UK to raise awareness for climate change. We also supported breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!’s notorious two-day cycling event: The Hilly Hundred for their 10th anniversary.

Hilly Hundred
CoppaFeel!'s Hilly Hundred event

We know celebrating women inspires and empowers other women and girls to participate in sports and pursue their passions. Last year, we were proud to make and present British Paralympic athlete Dame Sarah Storey with her own custom-made commemorative Beryl bike at the Tour Of Britain in Manchester.

As a certified B Corporation (BCorp) registered organisation, policies and business practices that enable diversity and inclusivity are paramount to Beryl. As a company, we have worked hard to meet the high standards of how we build and nurture our workforce and serve our riders.

Sarah Storey
Dame Sarah Storey with her commemorative Beryl bike

Beryl aims to reach as a wide population as possible, promoting ourselves through local community groups and building a service where users feel safe and enjoy the experience. Details are important to us, such as ensuring parking locations are well-lit and accessible at all times and ensuring our bikes and e-scooters are designed and built to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

In our latest Annual Rider Report 2023, we surveyed thousands of our riders and we were thrilled to see a 3% increase in the number of women riders compared to 2022. After every journey, our riders can also complete an End-of-Ride Survey, which helps us to understand our riders and the obstacles they face.

We will continue to utilise rider data to campaign for better cycling infrastructure in urban spaces, helping to remove barriers to women getting on two wheels.

“The bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world.”


Susan B. Anthony, women's rights activist