Discover the Beryl Bays

The perfect partner to our green bikes

Whether regular commuter or leisure riders, Beryl Bike share is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to cycle in your city. Our distinctive Beryl Bays make it easy to find a bike when you need one. At the same time, they help keep your bike share organised and the pavements clear for everyone. Find out more about how to use the bays and why we love them.

What is a Beryl Bay?

A Beryl Bay is a clearly marked space in the city where you can find a bike to hire and park it once you’ve finished riding. There are different bays depending on where you are riding, but almost all are marked in our distinctive Beryl green - the perfect partner for our bikes!

A Beryl Bay in Bournemouth town centre.

How to find Beryl Bays in your city

When you open the Beryl app, you’ll see a map of your location. The Beryl Bays nearby will be shown clearly with a green rectangle symbol. The number shown within the symbol shows how many bikes are available in that bay.

You can also scroll around the map to find a Beryl Bay close to your final destination. They are never full, so don’t worry about how many bikes are already there.

Find a Beryl Bay with the green bike symbol

Parking in a bay

Once you finish your ride, park neatly in a Beryl Bay. Use the bike’s kickstand and park parallel to the short edges of the rectangle, leaving space for other bikes to be parked alongside.

If the bay has black stands, simply stand the bike with the back wheel under the stand, and thread the lock bolt through the loop at the end of the tether to end your ride. In some of our schemes, the bays even come with planters and places to sit, so take a minute to enjoy the greenery!

Don't worry if you arrive at a bay and it look like it's full. You can still park alongside the other bikes that are already there. Even if your bike is just outside the lines or there are no tethers left, our system knows that you’re trying to park in a bay and will register it.

On occasion, our system might make a mistake and charge you for parking outside a bay when really you’re inside a bay. You’ll be notified of this on the end of journey screen on the app. If you think you’ve been charged by mistake, let us know via the in-app chat and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.

Park your bike neatly using the kickstand

Parking outside a bay

Sometimes, there won’t be a Beryl Bay at the location you’re cycling too. If that’s the case, you can still end your journey by parking outside a bay. You’ll be charged a convenience fee for parking this way to cover our operational costs. You can find the right convenience fee for your city on our bike share locations pages.

Make sure that you use the kickstand so the bike remains upright. Choose a considerate location where the bike isn’t blocking pavements or access.

You should also always choose a publicly accessible location. There should be no barriers to another rider hiring the bike or our operations team picking the bike up to take it back to a bay.

Parking outside a bay is an option if there's no bay at your destination

Suggest a new Beryl Bay location

We love our Beryl Bays and we want to make sure there’s always a bay close to where you’re going. If you have a suggestion for a bay location, let us know using this form! We’ll ask you a few key questions so we can understand why you’re suggesting the bay and we can then start the process for getting approval from your local authority.