man riding Beryl e-cargo bike over Westminster bridge

Carry cargo in Westminster

Find amazing e-cargo bikes in the City of Westminster. Fitted with an electric-assist motor for extra power, the bikes are ideal for transporting small to medium loads, such as work tools, shopping or sports equipment.

And because they're bikes you can ride in the cycle lanes, zipping past the traffic while helping to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.

Whether it's for business or personal purposes, e-cargo bikes are a green and cost-effective way to carry the load, while getting a little mental and physical health boost at the same time. Oh and they're pretty fun too!

woman loading shopping into Beryl e-cargo bike outside supermarket
Simply tap and roll

Pay as you ride

Best for a single ride
  • Pay for the time you ride
  • Best for a single ride, or occasional journeys
Vehicle Unlock fee Price per minute
e-cargo bike £1.50 10p