Beryl gift cards

Our favourite stocking fillers 🎄

With Christmas around the corner (it’s true!) it can be hard to choose the right gift. Especially when you end up in the realm of stocking fillers and Secret Santa! How can you purchase something inexpensive that someone will actually want and use? With the current cost of living crisis, we wanted to share some of the best, most useful, gifts we’ve found for less than £15.


navy ankle socks with plum heel and toe

Waterproof socks - for the all-weather commuter

Like getting socks for Christmas…but better. Don’t underestimate the cosy power of a waterproof sock. These are a great gift for the all-weather commuter in your life. On those rainy days, they can keep their toes warm and power through puddles with no fear of soggy feet at their desk all day. Useful!


yellow armbands with illuminated reflective stripes on a dark background

Hi-viz band - for the night rider

If you know someone who cycles or scoots when it's dark, this is the perfect gift to help make them super visible to other road users. Hi-viz bands take up barely any room so will easily go in their pocket or bag when not in use. Handy and a treat for the eyes. We don’t think they come much better than the Proviz bands with their Reflect360 magic!

Four sachets and 4 nutrition bars in muted colours

Delicious, nutritious snacks - for the rider on the go

A key part of riding responsibly is staying on top of your snack game. If you know someone who loves to travel under their own pedal power, you can give them the gift of fuel! We’re big fans of Outdoor Provisions which makes tasty bars and nut butters with real ingredients in compostable wrappers! Their Starter Pack is great and comes in at under £15 if you take advantage of their 10% off for new customers.

Man and woman riding Beryl bikes along coast road in Cornwall

Beryl Gift Voucher - for everyone of course!

We’ve just launched gift vouchers. If you love Beryl and you want to share that with someone else this is the perfect gift, starting from just £5! 


That’s right, you can give someone the gift of a Beryl bike, e-bike or e-scooter, a sustainable way to travel that they don’t need to store, insure, clean or repair. If you want to win at Secret Santa or give your bestie, family or partner the chance to roll with us - go check out the gift vouchers now…