Beryl Gift Cards

Give the gift of a Beryl bike, e-bike or e-scooter

Beryl gift cards offer the opportunity to buy little treats to big show-stopping bundles for friends and family, starting from just £5.

You can pick from any of our Minute Bundles or Passes
to send directly to your chosen recipient. Personalise your selected gift card with your own message to send immediately or send for a future date.

Gift cards get sent with simple instructions on how to redeem via the Beryl app. Got any questions? Check out our FAQs below. 


Please note the vouchers function like our Minute Bundles and will waive the £1 unlock fee for pedal bikes, but not e-bikes or e-scooters. The vouchers are not currently available in Greater Manchester or London.



What is a Beryl gift card?


You can buy a friend or family Beryl rides in the form of a Minute Bundle or Rider Pass. This means they can ride for free. They will get the gift card in the form of an email with a code they can redeem in the Beryl app. 


What can they use the gift card for?


They choose how they spend their rides. It could be for commuting to work, seeing friends, getting to the shops or to university, or simply to have fun!


When will they get the gift card?


You can choose whether they receive the email with the gift card straight away, or in the future. Pick a date and the email will be sent then. 


Can I buy a gift card for someone who hasn’t used Beryl before?


A gift card is a great way to introduce family or friends to Beryl! They will have to get the Beryl app with the same email address that you send the gift card to, in order to redeem it. 


How can I use a gift card?


If someone has gifted you a Beryl gift card, make sure you’ve downloaded the Beryl app, then copy and paste the code in your gift card email into the promotions section of the app. Purchase the Minute Bundle or Rider Pass in the app that your gift card is for, and your code will be applied automatically. 


More questions? 

Check out our gift card terms and conditions here.