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Working with us

We partner with cities to tailor bike share to their needs. Our high-quality, safe schemes are delivered to make two wheels the preferred option for getting around.

Why partner with Beryl?

  • Hand in hand

    Our team builds long-lasting relationships with city partners to help achieve active travel goals.

  • Designed for cities

    A hybrid scheme that combines dockless bikes and parking bays to balance reliability and flexibility.

  • Safe and fun

    Promote the joy of cycling with a safe, fun bike designed for a wide range of riders.

  • Improve cycling with data

    On-bike technology provides anonymous data and key insights to help plan for and improve cycling.

See the unseen

Get data driven insights into travel patterns in your city with our performance dashboard.

Designed in the UK

From app to bike, our integrated system is designed in-house by our team in the UK, bringing together technology expertise with British urban design and planning experience.

A trusted partner

A track record of true partnership with local authorities, helping deliver improvements for cycling in their city.

We’re pleased to have partnered with local London cycling company Beryl. They have successfully demonstrated their parking bay-based bike share system and the accuracy of their GPS through our staff pool bike project, with their superior technology allowing us to closely monitor and control fleet movements.

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Accredited by CoMoUK

We are fully accredited by CoMoUK, the collaborative mobility organisation providing assurance to local authorities on an agreed set of standards for bike share operators in the UK.

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