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Powered pedalling in Plymouth

We're bringing e-bikes to Plymouth to help you tackle those famous hills and see the city from a new angle.

Parking bays for our 510 e-bikes will be located across the area and you'll see them start appearing in the app when we launch in mid-March.

Download the app now and get ready to ride.

woman riding a Beryl e-bike by a harbour

Beryl Bays


Beryl e-Bikes


How it works

Find out more about how to unlock and return your bike or e-scooter.



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Have fun and be safe.



In a Beryl Bay or a considerate place.



Close the lock to end your ride.

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Lots of ways to pay and ride. Find out which one is right for you.
Tap and roll

Pay as you ride, or buy up front and save.

Pay as you ride

Best for a single ride
  • Pay for the time you ride
  • Best for a single ride, or occasional journeys
Vehicle Unlock fee Price per minute
E-bike £1 15p

Minute bundlesBest value

Buy upfront and save
  • Best for multiple rides
  • Use on any vehicle
  • Save £1 unlock fees on every ebike ride
Vehicle Unlock fee
E-bike £0
50 mins
100 mins
200 mins
400 mins
Other fees

Out of bay charge

A £10 convenience fee will be charged for bikes left outside of a Beryl Bay

Out of zone fee

Our operating zone covers a large area. A £25 convenience fee will be charged for bikes locked outside the Beryl zone. 

If the bike is not brought back into the operating zone within 24 hours, an additional £80 fee will be charged to cover the cost of recovering the bike.

Unlocked bike fee

At the end of your ride, please make sure you lock your bike correctly whether in or out of a bay. When you lock the bike, it will chime to let you know. Please check in the app to make sure your bike has correctly registered as locked.

A flat fee of £10 will be charged to cover the cost of us sending our operations team out to lock the bike on your behalf.